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Ranking of African military powers in 2019, according to Global Fire Power

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Ranking of African military powers in 2019, according to Global Fire PowerThe US site Global Fire Power (GFP) has published its 2019 ranking of African military powers. For this year, 34 countries of the continent were analyzed to determine the heavyweights of the continent in defense.

As in 2018, Egypt remains the continent’s leading military power and the 12th in the world (out of 137) with a score of 0.2283. With more than 211 fighter jets, the country led by Abdel Fattah al-Sissi has the 9th largest air power in the world. He is followed by Algeria, which has dropped in the world rankings to 27th place (against 23rd place in 2018), but which maintains its position of 2nd African military power with a score of 0.4551.

South Africa (0.5405 points), Nigeria (0.7007 points) and Ethiopia (0.7361 points) rank respectively third (32nd worldwide), 4th (44th worldwide), and fifth place (47th world).

This African top 5 is immediately followed by Angola (6th African and 58th world), dethroned by Ethiopia, but with a score of 0.8154 remains ahead of Morocco. The latter (7th African) ranks 61st in the world with a score of 0.8244, followed by Sudan (8th and 69th in the world) with a score of 1.0051. The DRC (9th African and 72nd World) as well as Libya (10th African and 77th World) complete the African top 10, with scores of 1.0631 and 1.2349 respectively.

As a reminder, the GFP ranking is based on fifty criteria, including the number of active military, the naval force, the availability of fuel for military operations, the number of fighter jets, the budget devoted to defense and logistical flexibility. .

According to this “power index”, the perfect score would be 0.0000, which is impossible in the facts. So, the further we get from that score, the further down the rankings. It does not take into account the nuclear stockpiles and does not penalize the countries having no coastline by the absence of a naval force.

Note that several countries have made significant advances in their military strength. Côte d’Ivoire, the 21st African military power, for example, climbed to 104th place worldwide (against 119 in 2018) while Mali, 18th African military power, reached 99th place (against 114 last year).

Globally, the top 5 of the world’s largest military powers remain dominated by the US, followed by Russia, China, India and France.


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