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CAN Egypt 2019: The qualifiers and their winners

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For the third time in its history, the Africa Cup of Nations will take place in the land of the Pharaohs Egypt, and for the first time in the summer from June 21 to July 19. Here are the 24 qualified ranked by number of participations. The qualifiers for the 32nd Africa Cup of Nations (CAN 2019) are from March 22, 2017 to March 24, 2019. After the matches leading up to the finals, 24 teams have won their ticket. Here is the list of these countries, according to their number of participations.

EGYPT (24th participation)
The Pharaohs will be there. After a victory in Swaziland (0-2) on October 16, 2018, the Egyptians, winners on 7 occasions of the CAN, will be present to compete for their 24th African Cup.

CÔTE D’IVOIRE (23rd participation)
Elephants will also be there next summer. The Ivory Coast has indeed qualified for a 23rd CAN after a draw in Guinea (1-1), November 18, 2018.

GHANA (22nd participation)
The Black Stars will be at the rendezvous after composting their ticket for their 22nd CAN on November 30th.

TUNISIA (19th participation)
The Eagles of Carthage composted their ticket on October 16, 2018 after a success in Niger (1-2). Winner in 2004, Tunisia will play its 19thCAN.

CAMEROON (19th participation)
The reigning African champion qualified by finishing second in Group B on 23 March.

RD CONGO (19th participation)
The Democratic Republic of Congo, two-time winner of the CAN, clinched their ticket on March 24, finishing second in Group G.

NIGERIA (18th participation)
After a draw against South Africa (1-1), on November 17, 2018, the triple winners of the CAN (1980, 1994, 2013) are guaranteed to play their 18th African Cup of Nations .

ALGERIA (18th participation)
The Fennecs will play their 18th African Cup in Cameroon. The Algerians composted their ticket by winning easily on the turf of Togo (1-4), November 18, 2018.

MOROCCO (17th participation)
On November 17, 2018, the day after his victory against Cameroon (2-0), Morocco earned its qualification for its 17th CAN thanks to the Comoros victory over Malawi (2-1). Hervé Renard’s men are sure to finish in the first two places of the group.

SENEGAL (15th participation)
The Teranga Lions qualified for CAN 2019 on October 16, 2018, after a success in Sudan (0-1). During its 15th participation, Senegal will try to win its first African crown.

GUINEA (12th participation)
Before their match against Ivory Coast (1-1), Guinea composted their ticket for the CAN 2019 thanks to the draw between Rwanda and the Central African Republic (2-2), November 18, 2018.

MALI (11th participation)
Mali made their ticket to CAN after winning in Gabon (0-1) on 17 November 2018. Malians are sure to finish in the first two places in Group C and will play their 11th African Cup next summer.

SOUTH AFRICA (8th participation)
The last country qualified for the African Cup of Nations is South Africa, after their 2-1 win against Libya.

ANGOLA (8th participation)
Quarter finalists in 2008 and 2010, Angola validated its ticket for its 8th CAN on March 22 after finishing first in Group I.

UGANDA (7th participation)
Assured to finish first of his group after his victory against Cape Verde (1-0), November 17, 2018, Uganda will play its 7th CAN next summer in Cameroon.

KENYA (6th participation)
Kenya’s sixth participation in the African Cup after finishing first in Group F on November 30th.

ZIMBABWE (4th participation)
Zimbabwe will participate for the fourth time in the Africa Cup of Nations after validating its qualification on March 24.

BENIN (4th participation)
After a victory against Togo (2-1), on March 24, Benin validated its qualification for CAN 2019 by finishing second in Group D.

NAMIBIA (3rd participation)
By finishing second in group K, Namibia composted their CAN ticket on March 23rd.

GUINEA-BISSAU (2nd participation)
Guinea-Bissau will play its second African Cup after getting its ticket on March 23, finishing 1st in Group K.

TANZANIA (2nd participation)
Tanzania will also be there after composting its ticket on March 24, taking second place in Group L.

MADAGASCAR (1st participation)
The Malagasy selection obtained its ticket on October 16, 2018 after a victory against Equatorial Guinea (1-0). This will be Madagascar’s first participation in an African Cup of Nations.

MAURITANIA (1st participation)
Like Madagascar, Mauritania will play its first CAN next summer. Mauritanians composted their ticket by beating Botswana (2-1) on 18 November 2018.

BURUNDI (1st participation)
First participation for Burundi after finishing second in Group C on 23 March.

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