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Instability in the Sahel community

The Sahel Community or “The Sudan Region” is composed of Sudan, Chad, Eritrea, Niger, Mali, Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, and Guinea-Bissau. It is the partially dry and wet transitional middle zone in Africa; from the Sahara northwards to the South Sudan Savanna and from Eretria East to Mauritania West. There are some other countries whose regions are partially in the Sahel zone such as Northern Nigeria, Northern Cameroon, Northern Central African Republic, Northern Ethiopia, Southern Libya and Southern Algeria. The instability in these countries is resulting from poverty, diseases, terrorism, environmental crisis, hunger, economic crisis and war. Jihadist insurrections, coup d’états, protests and rebellions; which have been counteracted by the various governments with violent military crack downs are also a major cause.
19 May 2019

China continues to participate in Africa’s development

China has been the most recurrent name among the many foreign countries advancing for Africa lately because of her political, socioeconomic, developmental, diplomatic and military activities; a union referred to as “the Sino-African relation”. Majority of Africa’s exports to China are; fuel, lubricants, iron ore, agricultural products. Majority of imports from China are; mechanical technology/transport machinery, communication equipment, clothing and processed food. The former President of Senegal Abdoulaye Wade said,
“China has a much greater sense of the personal urgency of development in Africa than many Western Nations.”
18 May 2019

Working during pregnancy: how to handle it?

Congratulations, you are pregnant! This is one of the few positive reports from a doctor that is received with a bittersweet tinge for many women. For young girls who are still in school, a positive pregnancy test is a nightmare; since it may means dropping out from school, receiving insults and reprimands from parents (which seems to end when the baby comes), thinking of how to care for the child and wondering whether the author of the pregnancy will be take responsibility or not, and the best decision to take concerning the pregnancy.
18 May 2019

Rebuilding a life after rape or forced marriage

For many young people around the world, getting married is an important stage in their lives. They dream about meeting the right person, falling in love and having the perfect wedding and living a happy ever after with their partner. They even daydream about the kind of party they would like to have, the kind of wedding dress they will wear, how their dream spouse should look like and the exact age and time they would like to get married. Unfortunately for many young people around the world; especially women, the wish of having their dream wedding is never granted, as many of them are forced to marry before they are ripe for marriage or forced to marry someone they do not like or want.
17 May 2019

Nigeria still reluctant to sign the African continental free trade Agreement

If there is an important project that African leaders gave total consideration, then it can be nothing less than the continental free trade area agreement. It was the desire of then African Union Chairperson and Rwandan President to materialize a remarkable project for the African Union (AU), before leaving the rotational office of the AU, Africa's most valuable institution. Thus, President Kagame together with his counterpart saw a vision of a free trade area for the continent. These leaders saw trade or commercial connectivity as one of the important things to spur especially economic development in Africa.
16 May 2019

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Is Africa ready for a single passport?

The issue of a single Passport for Africa has been on the negotiation table of African leaders for a while, but its realization still remains problematic. In 2016, African leaders in Rwanda launched the single African Passport. While handing the passports to then AU Chair and Chadian President Idris Deby Itno and his Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame, then AUC Chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma said the innovation was a “steady step toward the objective of creating a strong, prosperous and integrated Africa, driven by its own citizens’’
26 March 2019

Can you get out of prostitution and still start a home?

Prostitution as a survival strategy is one of the means used by young women in street situations. Canadian studies on the subject estimate between 12% and 32% the number of young women living on the street engaged in prostitution. These young women do it either by themselves or by relatives: relatives, friends, and even partners in love (Damant et al., 2006). These as emphasized by Messervier, 1999 may also have an important role in the process of exit from prostitution.
9 January 2019

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2019 South African general election: IEC commends the role of AFRIC as an observer

Africa is on the move, political leaders are at the verge of instilling principles of democracy on the continent. Conducting transparent, free and fair elections already defines a new era of democracy in Africa. The year 2019 has been coined as the ‘’year of Elections in Africa’’ as many nations have headed to the polls while others are yet to choose their political leaders through the ballot boxes.
12 May 2019

Report of the international observation mission of the presidential elections in DR Congo of December 30th, 2018.

The presidential election of the Democratic Republic of the Congo took place on 30 December 2018 and at the same time as the parliamentary elections and the elections of the deputies of the representative bodies of the provinces. The vote took 11 hours from 6.00 to 17.00. However, most polling stations continued to work after 5: 00 p.m. because of the large number of electors who came to vote. However, most polling stations continued to work after 17:00 because of the large number of electors who came to vote.
11 January 2019

2018 elections in the DRC: AFRIC observes the first democratic transition

The democratic Republic of Congo has just crisscrossed a very critical stage in its history; a democratic election which has been expected since 2016 when Joseph Kabila’s second term came to an end. The three times postponed election had left many pondering over the fate of the country, as fear was rife that the already violence hit nation may plunge into a civil war if the results are not favorable to the masses.
11 January 2019