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The place of the “Big Dream” in the development of Africa

Until the advent of the "American Dream," which has been catalogued as one of the most important ways of thinking in the history of mankind, it was almost impossible to think that the "dream" alone could restore the image of an entire country or a continent. This was without counting on the capacity of this concept to be able to create major migratory flows capable of strengthening an individual's determination to succeed in a given environment. In the specific case of the United States and the American dream, it started from a very simple idea: whether an immigrant or a national, anyone living in the United States can become prosperous through hard work, courage and determination, regardless of social and financial status. So, for anyone living on American soil, the first key to success is the "Big Dream," "the dream of greatness”.
13 February 2020

Coronavirus/ covid-19 in Africa will be a double dose of crisis

COVID-19 formerly known as Coronavirus continues to torment and cause havoc to the whole world. It is not just China's dilemma; it is a global problem now. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced the official new name of nCoV2019 (2019 novel coronavirus), the strain of coronavirus that has infected over 43,000 people worldwide, resulting in 1017 deaths. COVID-19, as the virus will now be known, was decided on by the WHO, with the organization giving a number of reasons as to why it was chosen. Ebola was one of the tragic global epidemic outbreak, however coronavirus is slowly taking the title, not only is it claiming lives but having a huge toll on global economies. The coronavirus outbreak started in China, amongst 45 million populace in the Wuhan province of Hubei. The place is currently seen as a very dangerous place.
10 February 2020

Respect of Constitution and electoral promises, a gateway to a more peaceful continent

More often than not, contemporary Africa political leaders are caught up in their own web. During political campaigns, presidential contenders make myriad pledges in their quest to woo eligible voters ahead of the Election Day, vowing to respect the terms of the constitution among other promises. However, most of these presidential contenders are often very ignorant about what they will inherit from outgoing presidents, and at the end fail to meet the aspiration or fulfil their promises to the masses after taking over the helm of leadership. Scenarios become more interesting when it’s the incumbent is campaigning for reelection with baggage of unfulfilled current terms promises. Statistics have shown that the no respect of constitutions and election promises by politicians have accounted for a great number of anti-government protests and undermined the route to political democracy on the African continent over the decades. Now the time has come for Barrow to relinquish power, a move that President Barrow himself sees as not legally binding and that it totally contravenes the constitution.
8 February 2020

What is the outcome of the crisis in Libya?

Since Gaddafi's death, which many Africans consider as an assassination, Libya has been plunged into an unprecedented crisis that has let perpetual instability. It’s almost nine years since the man who was called the Libyan Guide was silenced. His removal from power, which, according to his detractors was supposed to bring much-needed democracy in Libya, has proved to be a curse for this North African state, filled with large oil reserves.

6 February 2020

Africa in the decade 2010-2019

Over the last decade, Africa also proved to be a continent at the centre of attention. Courted by great Western powers in search of influence on the international scene, it hosted major international forums and summits and witnessed a veritable diplomatic ballet sweep across its lands. In addition to the birth of a 54th state and the deaths of strong personalities such as Mandela and Mugabe, took up its greatest sporting challenge with flying colours, the organisation of the 2010 World Cup.
4 February 2020

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Is Africa ready for a single passport?

The issue of a single Passport for Africa has been on the negotiation table of African leaders for a while, but its realization still remains problematic. In 2016, African leaders in Rwanda launched the single African Passport. While handing the passports to then AU Chair and Chadian President Idris Deby Itno and his Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame, then AUC Chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma said the innovation was a “steady step toward the objective of creating a strong, prosperous and integrated Africa, driven by its own citizens’’
26 March 2019

Can you get out of prostitution and still start a home?

Prostitution as a survival strategy is one of the means used by young women in street situations. Canadian studies on the subject estimate between 12% and 32% the number of young women living on the street engaged in prostitution. These young women do it either by themselves or by relatives: relatives, friends, and even partners in love (Damant et al., 2006). These as emphasized by Messervier, 1999 may also have an important role in the process of exit from prostitution.
9 January 2019

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Freedom of Speech in Social Networks

The title given to this article is the same as that of the roundtable that was hosted by the Foundation for National Values Protection, an NGO headed by famous Russian journalist and member of the Civic Chamber Alexander Malkevich in partnership with the Association of Free Research and International Cooperation (AFRIC) and think tank headed by Professor Jose Matemulane of Mozambique was held at the Hilton Hotel, Berlin on the 20th of January, 2020.
22 January 2020

AFRIC, Honorable guest of the International Conference From Inequality to Justice

On December 10, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation hosted the international conference “From Inequality to Justice: World Experience and Solutions for Russia”. AFRIC was represented at the conference by its strategist Clifton Ellis and its honorary expert Nathalie Yamb.
Members of the Civic Chamber and foreign participants discussed various aspects of inequality − economic, social and environmental, as well as societies’ demand for equal opportunities in healthcare and education as well as the reasons behind the high level of inequality in society and ways to reduce it using the world’s best practices.
13 December 2019

AFRIC Expert Report: Vision of the Future “Africa 2040”

The Berlin Foresight "Africa 2040" sessions were organised by the Association of Free Research and Interational Cooperation (AFRIC). It was held on the 29th and 30th of July, 2019 at the Hilton Hotel, Berlin, Germany to provide the opportunity to discuss Africa’s political and economical emergence as the continent approaches 2040. The Foresight sessions gave the attendees made up of diplomats, journalists, policy maker, educators and expert professionals the platform to envision pragmatic scenarios that Africa could find itself, along with methods to achieve these goals. The outcomes of expert work were presented at the Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi on October 24, 2019.
29 November 2019